The Hydrodynamics Season Comes to an End

The Hydrodynamics Season Comes to an End

It is always a bitter sweet moment when we draw close to the end of a season… We are relieved that the pressure is finally over but we miss those memories and moments that made it all worthwhile!

We had a wonderful team this year that got along so well. They always made time to joke around, be silly and have fun learning even when deadlines were approaching fast and the robot did not co operate. Challenging project deliverables within tight timelines, bubbling success, and sometimes failure and disappointments were all part of the learning process. The core values set by First Lego League helped us get through some of our frustrations and furies. Please look at our action captured in our Tubegobotics channel and facebook fan page.

This season, the team Dihydrogen Monoxide 32113, which comprised of children aged 9 to 14 worked on a research project related to solar desalination of water. We visited a waste water treatment plant for field research. They worked on presentations, poster boards. maintained logs and an engineering journal. They engineered and programmed a robot from scratch. They laughed and had fun with the various team building activities that helped them at the scrimmages.

On December 16th 2017, our first year team will face their first ever FLL Qualifier. They will be judged by industry professionals such as engineers, professors and teachers. While they will be dealing with all the excitement and butterflies in their stomachs they must remember that this is an incredible opportunity to showcase their talents and be a part of a global tournament held throughout the last 20 years.

We are delighted that almost all of them will be part of the 2018 Space Themed season which we are anxiously looking forward to. We thank you for the time and patience you put in. We wish our team, sweet success, many more magical moments and the very best for the qualifier and upcoming seasons!

And until we meet again, …it’s a heartfelt goodbye from your Letsgobotics coaches: Fathima aka Lego Lady and Bru.

One thought on “The Hydrodynamics Season Comes to an End

  1. Our children were taught by two stellar, amazing, professional Robotics coaches.

    Many thanks to the coaches for their dedication to inspire our young children and many many thanks to all our children who inspired us all through their hard work, curiosity and motivation to learn.

    Maa shaa Allaah!

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