The Solar Desalination Song

The Solar Desalination Song

To be sung to the tunes of “How Far I’ll go” and “You’re Welcome” from the movie “Moana”.

We’ve been thinking quite a lot about water
How it covers nearly three quarters, of the world
Every country has its own problems
need to find solutions to help make a better world
Too much, too little, too clean, too dirty
Too deep, too salty, full of diseases
Every day people die cos there’s no clean water
How can we help? How can we solve?
The problems caused by water in this world

What if, solar desalination is the answer and solution to a terrible situation?

What can we say
except we know that
Solar desalination
Is the best resolution out there
To solve the water crisis of the world!

Hey it’s ok, its ok
We’re only human
We are just an ordinary team
What can we say except we think that
The sea, the sun and the stream
Together can be the resolution
For the birds, the bees and the trees

To humans, to humans
to drink and to wash and be safe
It may be a little expensive to start
But operating costs are low.
So get set, ready flow!

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