JrFLL Dives into the water crisis

Last year, we studied about bees and how much they impacted human lives. It was surprising to discover that a creature as minute as a bee could cause a catastrophe. Our team had fun, discovering and exploring new ways to help solve the pollination problems of the 2016-17 Creature craze season.

This season has been special. Our JrFLL teams were able to take a deeper look into the water problems in the world. Many students were surprised to learn that children just like them in underdeveloped parts of the world had to walk several miles for clean water. Studying about water made us realize that we have a part to play too. We brainstormed about different problems and solutions. There were numerous things we could do in our day to day lives to help solve the water crisis of the world. 

Here are some great video documentaries to learn from:

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