Summer Camp!

The summer camp features robotics and preps students for the FIRST Lego League competition and the Junior FIRST Lego league. Apart from robotics the summer camp provides opportunity for students to enhance their team working and leadership skills as well as inspire them to be creative with various art projects and DIYs related to STEM. Our programs have been highly reviewed by participating families.


Our first week is a meet and greet week. We present ideas and objectives for the students to achieve. We give them simple tasks and problems to be solved as a team. Once they pass the forming stage we let the children take on to what they enjoy the most. Some will lean more towards building and engineering, while others will enjoy programming. We try to push students out of their comfort zones, having them try everything out at first. We do not focus on specializing in the summer camp and encourage everyone to be handsome with everything. Many students love and enjoy our approach to learning by doing. They are always full of ideas and never seize to surprise us. Summer is the time for fun and learning happens even without them realizing it!

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