Closing our fun-filled CSTEAM summer camp – Some highlights!

We went BIG on teamwork this summer. We taught children to build, make mistakes, figure it out and go back and rebuild. We taught them to PLAN!

They built towers, bridges, automobiles, cityscapes, pyramids, cubes, emojis and more and not just from Legos. We used bottle lids, toothpicks, rubber bands and tape.

We planned, designed and tried to build a pulley system for an elevator using mixed Lego Kits from EV3 Mindstorms and Wedo 2.0 together in a team. It was easier said than done. Our robot had to accomplish a set of missions within 10 seconds. The juniors are developing a rescue helicopter… We also added some quick outdoor team activities to help stretch those muscles while the sun was shining down!

This week – the very last week – while our robots are making great strides, we will be designing and building a Ferris wheel as a team. The individual carts should stay the same while the Ferris-wheel rotates. We would use motors, bricks and switches to control. Aesthetics will also play a part here, this time around.

We wish all our campers a productive and fun-filled school year. Looking forward to seeing you all soon again!

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