Season reflections

When the season ends we recollect all our memories, our memories of joyous moments with our beloved students, our memories of mistakes and the invaluable lessons made from them. We can’t help getting better every year. Parents are the umbrella under which we operate. If not for their commitment to this program and their partnership through the many challenges we face, it would be a slow and painful journey uphill. As our challenges increase every year, so do our strengths…. just like an ever evolving robot.

We are always big about team dynamics. This year we had two teams that faced numerous obstacles. They were learning that just like in real life, you have to learn to work with many different types of people. We embrace our differences and focus on our goals. We help without hesitation. We rise despite failure! Congrats to our teams on the awards they won and the direct advancement to championships! You have certainly done us proud! All the best to you wherever you may go!

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