Letsgobotics was founded in the hope that every child will be given the opportunity to explore science, technology and engineering, inspiring their creativity and hands on learning. We are committed to approaching this learning adventure in an engaging and fun filled manner that is interesting to every child, no matter what age. Our team of coaches are from technology related backgrounds having years of experience working with children. They help and guide the children through various challenges related a different theme every year.

The Lego engineering and robotics program followed by Letsgobotics, is a collaboration between FIRST (For inspiration and recognition of science and technology) and Lego. Since Legos are loved by all kids and made to precise engineering proportions, it is both a joy to teach and learn. We emphasize on teamwork, leadership skills, good work ethics and sportsmanship which are part of the Core Values put together by FIRST Lego League.

Every year our students face exciting competitions and expos where they demonstrate the skills learned throughout the season. In addition to the First Lego League season’s challenge our summer camp conducted through June and July features both Wedo 2.0 and Ev3. Children come out of the summer camp well prepared to face the season with all essential STEM skills, creativity as well as a healthy approach to soft skills such as teamwork and leadership.

The Letsgobotics Vision: To give every child a taste of engineering and robotics so that they may make a positive difference to the world.

The Letsgobotics Mission: To make our students among the leaders of tomorrow by teaching them engineering and robotics one step at a time.